I wear many chains.

Chains that bind me and leave bruises in their place.

These chains hang heavy and drag my spirits down with the weight of the world.  

They are chains of regret, distrust, and sorrow.

These chains tell me that I am unworthy of love.

They whisper lies in my ear and make me believe that I am unimportant, untouchable, unseen.

They tighten their grasp as I search for the light and come up short, every time.

The darkness envelopes me and I can feel the cold metal clamped to my wrists.

They remind me of my brokenness.

When I am given the choice, I will always choose evil.

My flesh fails me and I am blinded by the temptations of this life.

My sins mark me like scars –constant reminders of what I did on that day to the one who came to save me. The one who came to give me life.

These chains around my life seem unforgivable.


But the chain I wear around my neck tells a different story. 
It’s a story of love, redemption, and healing.

The chain around my neck tells me I am free.

And I am reminded of the weight this coin bears.

The weight of truth.

That no matter how far gone I think I am, no matter how lost I may feel, and no matter how deep my sin goes, He calls me Free.

I am free to love and be loved.

I am free to stop striving for perfection, because the perfect one is made strong in my weakness.

I am free to live as an adopted child of the one true King, an heir of Christ.

I am free to rejoice with song and dance to the One whom I belong.

I am free to stumble and make mistakes, because the One who will catch me see’s me as righteous, blameless, and holy, despite my flaws.

I am free from the lies that are constantly surrounding me.

I am free from the chains that have bound me for so long.

They are stripped from me in an instant and covered instead with blankets of grace.

The sunlight rushes in and the warmth embraces me.

I am finally free, to be exactly who He has made me to be.

And so are you. 




-Amanda Moats